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Troubleshoot information (in version :
Found no available converters, and -v option show exceptions with "HRESULT=0x80131515", because NET.CLR in secure mode by downloaded mark executables, try unblock downloaded mark all exe/dlls.
More details, see Brad Abrams'blog.

How was Emma converter made? - Coverage measurement is carried out by Visual Studio 2013. (Sorry in Japanese)

Visual Studio Coverage file to Emma converter.
Simple solution, can apply only one tool to five Visual Studio versions.
Fast multicore processing.


* Command line executable.
* MSBuild custom task.

Thank you choosing this tool, probably use with jenkins.
(I'm not jenkins professional ops, may not operate this tool...)

  .NET Framework 2/4 Runtime environment.
  Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and/or 2013 versions (Require code coverage option)

  1. Copy VSCoverageToEmma.exe, VSCoverageToEmma*.dll to your tool folder.
  ... Done!

Tool folder example:
    +--- VSCoverageToEmma.exe
    +--- VSCoverageToEmma.exe.config
    +--- VSCoverageToEmma.Interfaces.dll
    +--- VSCoverageToEmma.Core.dll
    +--- VSCoverageToEmma.V1Converter.dll
    +--- VSCoverageToEmma.V2Converter.dll

Command line usage (Diagnostics):
  Visual Studio Coverage file to Emma converter
  Copyright (c) Kouji Matsui, All rights reserved.
  usage: VSCoverageToEmma.exe <converterName> <vsCoverageFolderPath> [<binariesFolderPath> [<symbolsFolderPath> [<emmaFolderPath>]]]
Available converters: VS2005, VS2008, VS2010, VS2012, VS2013. Command line usage (ex: converter is VS2013): C:\TEMP\VSCoverageToEmma\Debug>VSCoverageToEmma.exe VS2013 "C:\TEMP\CoverageTarget\TestResults" "C:\TEMP\CoverageTarget\bin\Debug" "C:\TEMP\CoverageTarget\bin\Debug" "C:\TEMP\CoverageTarget\TestResults" # If use VS2010/VS2012/VS2013 converter, automatically recursive search binary/symbol files in nested folders. MSBuild usage: Target assembly is "VSCoverageToEmma.Core.dll", task name is "VSCoverageToEmma". ConverterName: required (ex: "VS2005") VSCoverageFolderPath: required (path) BinariesFolderPath: optional (path) SymbolsFolderPath: optional (path) EmmaFolderPath: optional (path) VSCoverageFiles: output (path list) EmmaFiles: output (path list) Methods: output (number) # MSBuild limitation: Tool execution failed in 64bit process. (VS Coverage library required 32bit mode) ----------------------------- Add verbose option. (Output coverage assembly loading error) Add processing time result. Converter name ignoring case. Fixed invalid statistics aggregation (bug in xml stylesheet from, rewrite with C#). Reenabled MSBuild tasks. Fixed: Cannot detect converters on only CLR 4.0 runtime environment. Automatic detection visual studio coverage analysis assemblies. Initial public release.

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